Payroll Accountant в г. Атырау

Даты: 13 июн - 12 июл
Местоположение: Атырау
Форма занятности: Полный
Опыт: 1 - 2 года

Просмотры: 140

Отклики: 1

Бухгалтерия / Финансы:  Бухгалтер Учет заработной платы Банковское дело:  Бухгалтер

Payroll Accountant в г. Атырау


Job description:


Knowledge of the company quality policy.

Work on accounting for liabilities, acceptance and control of primary documentation in the respective areas of accounting and preparation thereof for counting; reflection of accounting transactions associated with the movement of money on the accounts.

Accrual of wages, accrual and transfer of taxes and fees to state and local budgets, insurance contributions to state extra-budgetary social funds, payments to banking institutions, and other payments.

Preparation of data on the respective sections of the accounting for reporting, monitoring of the accounting documents safety, development thereof as per the established procedure for transfer to the archive

Working on the formation, maintenance and storage of a database of accounting information, making of changes to the background and regulatory information used in the data processing

Working within the limits of the rights granted by the Company in accordance with the job duties.

Compliance with the work schedule established by the Company and observation of labor discipline.

Observation of labor discipline, labor safety rules and regulations, fire safety and civil defense requirements.

Constant improvement of professional level and qualifications to effectively perform the job duties.

Performance of other work within the competence and instructions of the Chief Accountant of the Company.


Competency requirements:

Knowledge of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on accounting and financial reporting, as well as financial, tax and economic laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Resolutions, instructions, orders, other directives, methodological and normative materials of financial and controlling and auditing authorities on the organization of accounting and reporting and on economic and financial activity of the Company.

Company’s structure, strategy and development prospects.

provisions and instructions on the organization of the Company’s accounting and the rules for accounting.

way the operations are documented and the organization of document flow in the accounting areas;

forms and procedure for financial settlements.

procedure for the acceptance, recognition, storage and spending of money.

rules for the settlements with debtors and creditors.

terms of taxation for legal entities and individuals.

procedure for writing off shortages, accounts receivable and other losses from the accounts.

rules of conducting an inventory of cash and supplies.

procedure and terms for drawing up balance sheets and reports.

rules for carrying out audits and documentary inspections.

methods of information processing using the following: computer programs for accounting and human resources management; modern technical means of communication and connection.

basics of labor laws.

rules and regulations of labor protection and fire safety.



Education: Higher Education

Language skills: Russian and English are mandatory.

Kazakh is advantageous

Professional experience: Min 3 years



Almaty, 5/2

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